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What we’ve heard so far…

In terms of capturing what the public had said, the main point I thought was under-represented was the desire by many to have some sort of a “downtown” or couple block stretch for activity (bars, restaurants, etc.). I think this is briefly touched on in Goals 1 & 3 on pg. 131 of the PDF (pg. 127 of the plan), but ultimately, it kind of just feels like it is keep going as we have been. Understanding the layout of the Village, creating or pivoting to a “downtown” may even be an option, but I guess I was just hopeful that there would be more on that front. If the Village is kind of locked already by how it was formed, that could be explained better going forward.

Shorewood definitely needs its own post office. Also, to be able to cross route 52 and route 59 safely walking or biking would be great. Utilize existing park and river areas developed with better programs and events for all age levels makes sense, without raising taxes. Can our economic development person try to attract better restaurants? Your future plan of possible buildings on east side of river at end of Oakwood drive is not prudent. That area has flooded many times. And will happen again. In fact, I believe the homes there were demolished by federal government with caveat that structures cannot be rebuilt there.

I would love to see pickle ball courts at the new park at rivers crossing

Trader Joe’s!

Meatheads! MCCALISTERS deli! Cafe’s! Somewhere that you can get a quick lunch, but not typical fast food chains! Please!!

While we often travel to Naperville, Romeoville and now Morris for our kids to enjoy the outdoor summer roller hockey rinks that are converted into ice rinks in the winter. We have so many kids here locally in the area that play hockey. It would be beneficial to also build a football arena for a local team to play and practice right out of
Shorewood. We have baseball and soccer, why not our own football. Instead of being the Chanooka Braves, we could be the Shorewood Spartans.

Many neighbor towns have “No Train Horn” by the track crossing. Shorewood also has that sign at crossing on Black road. Trains still blow horns at our crossing on Route 52 and Seil road. Homes are close by. Could horns be stopped there too? Thanks

Please Please Please no apartment buildings. The village should have had north/south & east/west roads instead of planned unit developments and the traffic problem would have gone away. Apartments will just make traffic worse.

Definitely apartments Book store/coffee shop to lounge with outdoor seating Summer recreation/camp facilities for kids

A Recreation Building, to include an indoor work out center, indoor pool, indoor walking ring. I pay over $500.00 per year to use the Joliet Inwood Recreation Center. A type of Dock Restaurant, is much needed here in Shorewood.

I live in the Shorewood Glen community. I know that sometime soon the open area across our entrance along 52 will be developed. My hope is that this will not become a cement/asphalt strip mall but will be something that is aesthetically pleasing and incorporates natural beauty. The existing trees offer a beautiful display of color in the Fall and Spring and being able to maintain some natural beauty would add to the overall attraction of Shorewood

Build a fence or wall with beautiful landscape to hide the trailer park on rt 52 and rt 59 and black rd. Build a nice facade or railings over the rivers to Enhance the view from the road and make the bridges a focal point to the village its one of our greatest assets. Make it so that teens don’t have to be forced to go to Joliet West HS it’s just not fair. Create a concrete boat ramp in the park with a paved road that you can launch you kayak or canoe from, I’m not getting any younger. I believe Shorewood is more of an older community of people, please tell me if I am wrong but if so we need more adult not children activities. The towns around us have plenty if infrastructure for kids and teens. Peace ✌️

These are the two projects that I would like to see at the forefront for Shorewood: 1. Providing a bike/walking trail from Shorewood over Route 59 to Hammel Woods. 2. Providing better recreational usage of the DuPage River possibly through the rental of kayaks and also making the park at at the bottom of the hill more user friendly as a launch area for the DuPage River. An idea that is more long term: I would like to see Shorewood become similar to Plainfield in focusing on unique, thoughtful and quality driven restaurants and businesses.

A cute downtown area built off of the town square. Great opportunity for small family run restaurants and shops, as well as larger chains. Something similar to downtown Plainfield would be awesome.

If we wanted apartments, we would live in Joliet. NO to ANY apartments. Don’t make our beloved community look like everywhere else. People move here to be AWAY from apartments…and people will move AWAY if you build them.

I would like to know how I can get involved with the future plans of Shorewood Park. I have concerns with how the plans may impact the Disc Golf course. I have used it practically every week including in the winter for the past 20 years. I’ve lived in Shorewood for the past 25 years and have a unique perspective as I am at the park on average of 3-5 times per week.

Shorewood High School has a good ring to it!

Consider a playground in River Crossing. There’s room in the large field located between Isabel, Benjamin, and Lee streets.

A high school!

A children’s education Garden at Four Seasons would be wonderful. Could use volunteers from the community and Shorewood Glen to maintain the flowers. Similar to the one in Elwood.

I would like to see a dedicated industrial area for businesses that brings in more of a tax base for our community. Dedicate an area by Town Center where there are restaurants, shops, etc. where you can dine out on the outside during the summer. Dedicated walking/bike paths along/near the river. See more speed bumps along River Crossing where no one stops and travels at high rates of speed to get to Frontage Road.

I’m sure I’m not the first to suggest this . . . Our Shorewood-Troy Library is wonderful! However, compared to other public libraries in the area, it is too small for our growing community. Let’s build a bigger and more modern library. I’d be happy to support this with my tax dollars.

I’d like to see a downtown type area with shops and restaurants, maybe Towne Center or along 52 west of River. I would be okay with developing some type of multi residential development, like condos or townhomes nothing for rent, in order to bring more revenue to the area. Please shoot higher than Olive Garden. Bike paths! We need bike paths along all of our main roads. The idea that Shorewood is a family community is what brought us here. Our children and families need more access to bike paths. Especially with the Hammel Woods extension. We have no way to safely bike into Hammel Woods. I understand 59 is a state road, but ideally Shorewood would work with the state and Will County Forest Preserve to ensure your residents are able to safely access Hammel Woods. You can’t even see the pedestrian crosswalks along 59 intersections. I’d love to see a crosswalk around 59 and Ridge, like the ones along Black by Rock Run and Hammel Woods, no clue if that’s realistic! The long term plans for Shorewood are incredible, but we need a safe way for our residents to be able to walk and bike safely. Obviously the traffic pattern and lanes need to be remedied at 59 & 52. Great job fixing the intersection at 52 and River. Please find us another grocery option; Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s. Aldi was a fantastic addition, but would love another market.

I would love to see a Children’s garden like Elwood.

It would be great if we had a park district similar to Channahon or Plainfield. Offer kids series/programs/sports/indoor open gym. A skate park would be great!

I am happy to see the newer additions like Aldi, Panda Express and the redesign of the strip mall at 59 & 52. The festivals and gatherings near the town hall are a true positive and help to facilitate a sense of community and celebration. I hope to see those continue and appreciate all of those involved in making that happen. I would not like to see more tire shops and mattress stores. I think for a town as small as we are that there are way too many auto/tire stores. I would love to see any new restaurants or shops especially west of River on 52. A couple of small concerns include the state of the BP that is the first thing people see when exiting 55 into Shorewood. The exterior finish is dilapidated and the awning has been stripped of most of its finish. The parking lot could use a resurface. This business gives a first impression of our town and currently I feel it is not representative of our community. Another minor issue but and easy fix is the extraordinarily bright lights that the smoke shop is using in the strip mall that houses Dairy Queen and Divas. The assaulting lights the business in currently using cheapens the entire look of the mall. I am surprised this is acceptable. It would be an easy fix to remove these and restore a more professional look to the building. We have wonderful families in Shorewood and people who really care about their homes and neighbors. I hope we can create an aesthetic for the commercial properties that matches that of the residents.

Trader Joe’s!

More restaurants!! Our own park district with public pool and gym Skate park for kids at 4 seasons park Safer crossing at wynstone and seil rd. Light posts all need fixing or replacement in Kipling estates.

We need something more like downtown Plainfield with restaurants, bars and some little shops. Need some type of activity to do (ex. Dave and Busters, GameStop, Top Golf) We should not have to drive to get to these places anymore. Need easier and more access to 55 and 80 to help traffic around town. More park district activities for the kids.

There are SO many young families moving into Shorewood. We need a park district and rec center!! Channahon has one and they are small like us, but it just makes channahon more attractive than Shorewood. We also need to push for a middle school. Minooka’s middle schools are so over packed that something has to be done.

We need more restaurants so that we do not have to go to Plainfield or Naperville all the time. Thank you for installing Pickleball courts. Leagues and tournaments would be great to have some day.

Would like to see a field house with indoor track for walking, especially with inclement weather.

I don’t see any comments about education. Would that be under a different department so to speak?

I have lived in Shorewood for 8 years now and love the area, but we are severely lacking quality food establishments. I would love to see west of Black rd. on Rt. 52 be developed with some high quality restaurants and some more entertainment to the area. Thank you for listening

I completely agree with the others looking for a dedicated high school. The consolidated school system worked when Minooka, Channahon, and Shorewood were growing. Now the schools are all over-crowded and there is less extracurricular opportunities for all. Three towns with three school districts means triple the athletic programs, art programs, music, etc.

As somebody said at the Shorewood Planning meeting last evening, you always think of something on the way home. One thing I thought of as a catchy phrase that could be used (or maybe not, due to name infringement), but when you asked about assets; my first thought being highway access, but also ‘a river runs through it’, for the artistic ones of us. The river is beautiful and artisans could set up on those lovely weekends; like weekly artisan fairs; not too many in one place; a few by the Barry Bridge; a few more at the future Seil Road roundabout. All controlled by permit ($). Not big money but revenue and interest in the village. And also would give more business to Mark’s on 59 who has great shrimp, et al. And Carson’s Corner; try their breaded steak sandwich. Emerging markets are a good bet, I think for Shorewood. I would also like to add ‘pay to play’ LOL. Whatever goes in or expands, have it make money for our village. As many of the folks indicated last evening, “we don’t want our taxes going up”. If a rec center is put up out west a little; check out the Romeoville facility right off of 53 where my g’daughter played volleyball. That place was jumping with teams not affiliated with schools. They also had basketball courts. This would provide coaching/referee jobs; provide kids from Shorewood, Minooka and Channahon to play some ball. Perhaps it could have an inside walking track for us seniors and during the day, when the kids are in school, a little senior center for yoga, tai chi, and knitting or pickle ball. Also a senior help desk or number for seniors in need of county or state or federal aid or just have questions. Another thing mentioned is library. Has anyone visited the Bolingbrook Library? Please do. It is so cool. Downstairs they have audio rooms where you can record. Also they have audio/video rooms to use. Now this could also be incorporated at some future time. Would provide more jobs for techies and more outlet for the youth who love making tik toks and things like that. I know this is a lot, but then I believe in Shorewood doing it right. Naperville is too big, Plainfield did not plan well; Shorewood is just right, yeah?!?!

Shorewood is a nice community, I am so glad we decided to move here. I would love to see a dog park. More shopping opportunities

I would love to see a bike trail on Mound Rd and River Rd that connects to the existing sidewalks by Seil Rd. Currently there are sewer caps sticking out and are a hazard and that do not look attractive. You also have a lot of families that would enjoy that and local business would benefit from them. Who doesn’t like to take a family bike ride and grab breakfast, lunch or ice cream?

As residence of Shorewood, we would love to see more dining options in our town. We find ourselves frequenting near by towns to dine out in when we are looking for things to eat. Also, a parks and rec facility for our residence would be nice as well with additional offerings for the kids. Other towns offer after school care options and different activities from tutoring to football teams that Shorewood seems to be lacking. We recently moved in from Romeoville which has a large warehouse population. This seems to bring in a lot of tax revenue for the town that may be an option for Shorewood if we have the land to offer that. We are so close to both 55 and 80 that it would be a good location to attract that business.

Would love to to see and Outdoor ice rink with warming center in the winter and an Outdoor in-line rink during summer months. Lots of hockey families in the area.

I would love to see all that land east of village hall turned into a “downtown Shorewood”. Small shops and boutiques, cafes, restaurants, coffee shops (NOT Starbucks) ice cream shops, salon etc. a mix of things like downtown Naperville, Plainfield and/or Bolingbrook promenade without big anchor stores.

We would love to see some upscale restaurants such as Cooper’s Hawk. Also a park district with indoor and outdoor pools. We do think this is a great community but there is always room for improvement.

Best Things About Shorewood: By far the taxes! I feel like I’m part of a big city being so close to everything and love that the taxes are so much less than everywhere else. I would sacrifice big town improvements over higher taxes any day. Especially because several other towns in the area are very built up. Improvements: The intersection of 59 and Jefferson seems to get busier and busier everyday. Consider reconfigurations that would add dedicated right turn lanes, longer lights, etc. Parks & Rec: Would love to see a community pool with lazy river/slides & splash activity zone built for Shorewood residents! After the Joliet splash station closure, area residents have limited options in the area during summer. Thinking something along the lines of Springbank Aquatic Center in Plainfield with added community-use room rentals, gym, etc for Shorewood Residents ONLY. Accessibility: MORE BIKE PATHS. Would love to have bike paths connecting all subdivisions to areas like Seil Rd. Park, Turtle Hill Park, and especially access to Hamill woods. Currently crossing Rt 59 by bike is impossible! Finish bike path on Rt 52 that discontinues at Del Webb and picks back up at gas station. Businesses & Jobs: Please no more warehouses!! Will county is already drowning in warehouses and truck traffic. I know it brings a lot of jobs to the area but between Centerpoint, Minooka, and Wilmington there’s more than enough warehouses for will county. Think more businesses like Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s which do not currently have a presence in Will County.

-Stand-alone coffee shop -Restaurants to keep residents in town, versus going to neighboring areas because we’re limited to fast food and not so great chain options. Would be nice to have Italian, sushi and steakhouse options. -Park district type facility with swimming and gymnastics. The YMCA in Plainfield is a great facility with lots of options, just not close to home. We don’t have any tumbling or swimming classes nearby. -Shopping area with boutique type shops. Glen Ellyn has a great downtown shopping area. Restaurants, wine bars, clothing shops, kids toys, book shops, etc -Outdoor park with more options for bigger kids. The park in Lake Forrest is quite small and there opportunity for expansion. Bott Park in Plainfield and Wolfs Crossing in Naperville are great examples of something for everyone. -Would be great to repurpose and clean up the area at 59/52. We could have restaurant options on the River and expand on both sides. Not a great entrance to Shorewood off the 55 exit ramp. Is it possible to move the trailers to a new location or add something to disguise how run down the area looks. -Would love to see more places like Mauve come to town. Good drinks, wine and food.

A playground built in the Hunt Club or Vintage. There are no playgrounds in these subdivisions and the only ones that are “walkable” include crossing river road which is busy most of the time.

I would love to see facilities and programming for youth. As a former Art educator from Chicago, I miss all the art education opportunities offered to youth through organizations like Gallery 37, Marwen, Lilstreet Art Center, the park district, etc. I’d love to see Shorewood with a bustling art community and center. I also believe we need more schools built. The 5th-8th grade schools serving many in our community are overcrowded. When the educational opportunities in any community deteriorate, so does the neighborhood. Continue to build up educational and recreational opportunities inside and outside of schools and I believe the town will flourish.

We’ve lived in Shorewood for almost 20 yrs now (this summer). We love our community, but seriously wish the idea of our own Post Office would be addressed. We are overdue; Joliet P.O. is too overcrowded. It’s time for Shorewood to have their own P.O. My husband & I traveled thru some pretty small towns in the Ozark Mountains back in Oct…. some as small as 300 people! The one thing we noticed; each town has its own P.O.! This could easily be incorporated in the property in/ around the Village Hall. Let’s get this done Shorewood! 😃

I think Shorewood needs a coffee shop. We have Dunkin’ Donuts and a Starbucks in Jewel. But I think the perfect place for a coffee shop or a restaurant would be overlooking the river right next to the BP on Jefferson before Rt 59 on the other side of the river of the trailer park.

I live in the River Crossing subdivision and enjoy the bike paths that are already in place; however, our paths end in busy areas. I would love to have a bike path that connected us to the paths in place at the 4-way stop at Siel & River. Riding bikes, walking, and running are dangerous to do along River Road between Siel and Mound. There are no sidewalks or bike paths. There are no paths or sidewalks to cross the bridge on Siel and then to head west.

To dramatically improve the look of the village, I would suggest burying all of the overhead wiring along Jefferson and Route 59. Presently very unsightly, especially at our “Crossroads” intersection. Yes, it is expensive, but regardless of TIF upgrades, the distracting poles will always look bad. Additional street lighting is also needed throughout the village. Should be attractive with LED lighting. At a minimum, replace the present pole lamp-heads with LED fixtures.

Shorewood would greatly benefit from a nice defined downtown area. One where families can gather and can also create a night life for Shorewood as well. Shorewood has started gathering uniquely created businesses like Mauve and Will county brewery. It would be nice to continue this with coffee shops and retail stores that are community member owned and not large franchises. Also a community pool and park district building with programs for all ages would be a huge plus and give the kids a place to go and safely hang out. Lastly, our library does a fantastic job of providing programs for our community and is truly a hub in offering programs and gathering places. Communities benefit greatly from a strong library program. Providing the library with a larger building and more opportunities would only strengthen the village.

All of the village seniors are not interested in moving into our Del Webb community. We would love to see some upscale condos or duplexes built in our community as an alternative lifestyle.

Shorewood needs a post office. They had one years ago and for whatever reason it was closed.

We need more restaurants and stores, preferably small business. So many of the surrounding towns have nice downtown areas, Naperville, Plainfield, Lemont, Lockport, but we don’t. Invest in business that will keep people in the area and draw people from other towns.

One thing we need is a reason for people who don’t live here, to come here. I’ve been living here for nearly 19 years, and I have seen a lot of progress, but we still need more. I was recently in Texas and visited a few small towns. Two of them had themes similar to the Chicago painted cows. One did mermaids based on their town history, and one did cowboy boots; the Austin airport had guitars. Can we come up with some cool idea to have stuck here and there around town? Can we get sponsors to pay for these? Local artists to paint? Can we generate revenue from this? Can we come up with something unique to us, like the rivers/crossroads theme?

Resident discount for Joliet Park district Spec Rec. We are closer than Channahan, yet they have a discount for SRJC, and we do not .

Would love the bridge path on 52 that goes behind the bank, to continue onto the Town Center, great for us subdivisions near and around Walgreens. Great also if in that same direction were businesses to walk to.

I love Shorewood and I have only lived here two years. Multiple times a day, I stop and reflect on how blessed I am to have ‘landed’ in such a wonderful spot for my retirement. Walks along the river from my neighborhood through the disc park and then into the little industrial area that I like because the smells remind me of work. I am glad not to be at work, but I have fond memories of the almost 40 years I spent there. (Electro-Motive Division of General Motors, McCook, IL). People here, I have found to be friendly and kind. My home is a duplex and I could not have scored better roof mates if I tried. The neighborhood of River Bluff Estates is anathema of the typical retirement community. We have no age requirements so although it is referred to as an ‘adult’ community, anyone who is an adult can live here. I like that! They can even have kids, but as long as the adults act like adults, well then you could live here. I like how Shorewood addressed our neighborhood immediately after the May, 2020 storm. We had trees down and although one of the neighbors who had a large tree down, was seen making sure the drains at the end of the cul de sac were clear of leaves and debris so that the neighborhood would drain properly; then he came back to tend to his downed tree. The Shorewood Police were by to check on the general welfare of people and buildings immediately. Shorewood Park District was out here the next day (a Sunday) to clean up and that work was completed that day. I have found my ‘almost heaven’ home. I try to be a good citizen and think of our progeny in my habits and examples. Be physically fit, mentally sharp and morally strong. I have been blessed with ten grandchildren. That is a lot of people to think about. What world will I be leaving them with to manage? I am not too old to go out of my way to serve my community. DuPage Township aims to help residents afford solar energy. That would be a positive move if Shorewood could do something like that. “Community solar is available to most households and small businesses with ComEd as their utility” writes the Herald News on 12/14/21. Turns out clean energy actually is a money saver. Also, my neighborhood is concerned with the widening of Seil Road. Many of our neighbors back up to Seil Road and they don’t have big back yards so we are all concerned about how this will impact us. Will there be some landscaping planning to modify the impact of noise and dirt for my neighbors? The walking paths sound great as I am a walker so I am excited about the changes coming to our area; I just think now is the time to speak up for neighborhood before the plans are set in stone.

Will the Village of Shorewood engage in efforts to relocate in Shorewood’s affordable housing all the trailer park residents, if the trailer park gets removed? will the Village continue to provide affordable housing for families of low income and families of other ethnic groups in efforts to create an all inclusive environment for all nationalities?

Park district located at Four seasons park with community pool, tennis courts, walking trails (similar to channahon park district) -Post office -High school -no more warehouses -downtown area -please no fine dining like Olive Garden. -Stop semi trucks from going through subdivisions like river crossing for example.

Shorewood needs a recreation building. Indoor and outdoor pool, gymnasium, fitness center, indoor walking track etc. are all needed. Village recreation department needs to offer affordable programs for children. Many programs in their booklet are offered by outside companies which makes them more costly.

I would love if Shorewood would have more programs for kids & toddlers and more things for children to do. A Children’s museum or similar idea would nice. Program such as preschool, swim lessons, tumbling & gymnastics, camps aimed at younger kids or any programs to allow younger kids to socialize with other kids in the community and give them more opportunities to do things.

I would love for more bike paths. There is no bike access to hammel woods new path unless you ride on the street.

I would love for better bike routes. An actual downtown like Naperville/Plainfield. It’s such a beautiful area and that would be great to have! With nice restaurants! I would also like golf carts to be considered to be used in and around the neighborhood like Channahon.

West bound on Rt 52, in front of Jewel goes from two lanes down to one. The right lane turns into a right turn lane to go into Scooters lot. More signage or something is needed to indicate to drivers that that lane ends. Living on Brookshore over many years, I have seen 5+ drivers pull over with blown out tires from hitting the curb. They didn’t know that lane ended into hard curbing. Many tires and cars have been damaged due to this. It’s good there is no sidewalk there. An overhead sign might be best, since any poles would be struck by cars when they fly over that curbing.

I love the rural feel of living in Shorewood and natural beauty. I wish we had more access to bike paths and nature preserves to enjoy the natural beauty. Would love to see a children’s garden like in elwood, and a recreation center like in Plainfield. A cute downtown area like Plainfield would also be wonderful.

Shorewood needs its own High School, many residents want it, or have plans in place to move away or pay for private school when their children reach high school age.

We need a high school. Not just for Shorewood but look at how over crowded West, Minooka and Plainfield high schools are. They can redo the boundaries and be able to help relieve some of the pressure those schools are dealing with. It’s only going to continue getting worse. So many agree. I also know many who want to leave Shorewood because of their high school option.

Shorewood is growing which has a great thing. Things that I would like see in the future are an actual park district building with programs for kids and adults. A place where teens could work out, hang out and have a safe place to be. I would also love to see more restaurants and small business development. Plainfield and Morris are 2 local examples of great downtown areas.

Finish the bike path by the gas station on river and Jefferson so it’s not all gravel. Mejier The Patio In-line skate rink

Trader Joe’s Coopershawk Boutiques “Downtown” quaint area with shops and restaurants and wineries

We need a high school, period

I would love to see the Village formulate a Parks and Recreation/Natural Resource Division. This department could assist with maintaining current green space, acquiring new areas, and offering residents more opportunity to enjoy outdoor recreation and education within our neighborhoods and parks. This could include maintenance of current natural areas including restoration, as well as an opportunity for more outdoor programming and partnerships. Having worked in this field myself and being a Shorewood resident, I feel as though this is an integral piece of the puzzle that our community is missing and something that would be relatively simple to implement.

Community center with community pool , toddler and youth programs, and work out center with child care. We need to get a Shorewood high school Joliet high school is not a desired school for majority of people living in Shorewood. A path for bikes and walking should be accessible on 59 to get to hammel woods .

It would be nice if Shorewood offered some nice dining options, such as Coopers Hawk, Pour House, or similar. A community fitness facility (similar to Tinley Park’s Bettenhausen facility) would also be very nice. A train station at Jefferson would be ideal for commuters, which would also spur retail development to County Line Road; however, a four-lane road would likely be warranted for such. All in all, better-than-average tax incentives for new businesses would likely attract these developments over the next 10 years, given the current growth of the village.

Please stop allowing truck traffic and warehouses! Shorewood is a great community and the amount of trucks that travel on mound road is ridiculous. The worry that a child or person gets injured from one of the trucks that speed down our village streets is valid!!

Community or towncenter pool

We need safe bike paths/sidewalks to get everywhere, but especially ways over I-55 and the Dupage River. How about using the existing exit ramp from I-55 northbound at 59/Seil Road as a bike ramp? I heard a rumor that the exit might be eliminated, so perhaps the ramp could be repurposed?

It is difficult and dangerous to cross route 59 to get to Hammal Woods and all of the new bicycle trails near there. My idea is for a connection from the city park on the West side of route 59 to the trail behind ‘The Crowd’ bar by going under route 59. There is a connection like this on the I and M canal trail under I55.

Either a road to connect the subdivision by the village hall to the subdivision on the southwest corner of river x 52, or a walk/bike path from inside the subdivision to the back of the bank/along 52, so that you could walk from the village hall to the rest of town without having to walk in grass or cross 52 (with no light or stop sign)

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